Thursday, 22 August 2019

London Calling

This post is not a cruising blog, more a tourist blog. We had a week in London and this is a taste of the some of the places we hit over that time.

With our Australian friends in tow it was off to the London tourist traps. It's been quite a few years since we were last at Madame Tussaud's and things have changed, now you get to mingle with all the wax figures. Here's a few of the many pics we took.

It was off to the theatre at the West End to see Mousetrap.

The next day it was off to the London Museum. A couple of the highlights of the visit were the Rosetta Stone, the key to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics.

And, a dedicated room, built in the shape of the Greek acropolis to display the controversial Elgin Marbles. Just one of the many panels here.

A visit to the London Museum wouldn't be complete without a pic of an sarcophagus.

Rather than show you a pic of us with a Beefeater at the Tower of London there's nothing like a good old chopping block. This was housed in the White Tower and guaranteed to have been used to remove several heads.

After a great week, including some great dining out, we started to retrace our steps northwards.

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  1. I think you mean sarcophagus. The oesophagus goes from your mouth down to your stomach ...
    We really must get to the Museum again - last time we were there was in 1990!
    And we haven't seen The Mousetrap yet - is it worth going to?