Saturday 5 March 2022

2021 - Another Cruising Season Written Off

Well who knew? I thought the pandemic would be over in a few months, before I knew what a pandemic was really about! Now we're into our second year and that's another cruising season gone. We could leave Australia but there was no guarantee of getting back home and if we did there's two weeks of hotel quarantine to do at over $5,000 (£2400).

What does that mean? We carry-on relying on our Scottish cousin to give the boat a check over along with the marina staff who are pretty good too, keeping the ropes tight and keeping a general eye on things. The pictures haven't varied much from last year although the quality of the fuel was checked with a dipping tube and with only a little water in the bottom of the fuel tank the engine was turned over. It kicked into life almost straight away after the glow plugs were given a good warm up. To save you looking up the specs it's an Isuzu L38 ticking over nicely!

2022 is looking much more promising, fingers crossed!

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