Monday, 18 September 2017

Final Post for the 2017 Season

After another short stay in Middlewich we headed off to our final destination for this season. The trip was quite uneventful but I did notice along the way that CRT are starting their winter maintenance program already. Another thing you notice towards the end of the season is the signs going up for designated winter moorings.

We are currently preparing Serafina for her winter stay in our chosen marina for this year. The washing machine has been going flat out so we carry as many clean clothes with us as possible, we still have a couple of weeks holiday on the way home to Australia. There is plenty of general cleaning to do and not to mention there's still some painting to do.

Sunday (yesterday) I washed the boat from top to bottom and now have half of one side left to polish. It's a shame that I will only see her polished for a few days and then when we return I will have to do it all over again prior to leaving the marina. I hired a car today from Enterprise, they picked us up this morning and it will make the final few days that little bit easier to get around and get a few things done.

We  did discuss some possible cruising destinations with our friends Kevin and Carole while we were moored together which we will firm up over the (UK) winter. So preparations are already underway for the 2018 cruising season. First up in 2018 we plan to give Serafina a refit with work to be done on the galley, side hatches and bathroom.

No photos for this post but our soccer ball count advanced by two to finish at 43, a surprising result! I thought the total we be in the three figures but I have noticed that the canals we have cruised this year seem to cleaner than previous years.

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